Weight Loss

What our Clients have to say..

"I’ve never had this much energy..... I cut my grass today and even my neighbor’s!"Wallace J

"Easiest diet I’ve ever done, and with Dr Wren's help I was very successful. Dr Wren and his staff really care; it feels like family!" Stephanie M

"I've enjoyed being able to eat from my grocery store list of foods. On other diets in the past, I stayed hungry with shakes and meal replacement bars. This diet was more suitable for me." Saundra S

"I have lost 31 lbs and down 3 pants sizes in my 7 week program. I can't believe it!" Robert G

"Dr Wren and his staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I was able to call the office and speak to the staff when I was in a panic or anytime I had questions. This was very helpful in my weight loss journey." Lyndsey B

"So glad this diet was affordable with great results!" Ann T

HCG Diet

Our HCG Diet isn't just HCG! It consist of 3 CLINICALLY PROVEN, custom-formulated products with over 70 specific ingredients to support MAXIMUM weight loss: emotional eating issues: and better long terms results vs just HCG and "will power" alone. In clinical trials, HCG Diet continues to produce better results than any HCG homeopathic product or HCG prescription tested. Our HCG Diet has been developed from more than a decade of research resulting in a more comprehensive approach to weight loss. Nothing else like it available!