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Avoid the Need for Neck Pain Treatment with These 4 Desk Hacks

Written By Dr. David Wren Chiropractic on August 13, 2019

Man with neck pain

An epidemic is sweeping through not only Leesburg, but the world: text/tech neck.

Think teenagers hunched over their Instagram feeds are the only victims? Not so much.

Tilting your head downwards to look at any device like a computer screen, book, or tablet, can add up to 60 additional pounds of weight and stress to your delicate spine.

Over time, your spine changes its shape to accommodate the posture which leads to pinched nerves, herniated discs, and intense pain. At Dr. David Wren Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center, we see it every day in our Leesburg office for neck pain treatment.

4 Hacks to Avoid Neck Pain from Sitting Behind a Computer

You can prevent text/tech neck in the first place with proper posture. Adapt some of the tips below to create a healthy environment for your spine while you work.

1. Keep your feet flat on the floor and back against your chair – no hunching!

2. Position your monitor at eye-level and elbows at a 90-degree angle.

3. Use a laptop instead of a smartphone as much as possible.

4. Stand while you work for a few hours each day. Amazon offers plenty of laptop holders and standing desks.

Try to look at things objectively and evaluate your posture on a regular basis to avoid slipping into bad habits.

Comprehensive Neck Pain Treatment in Leesburg, GA

Dr. David Wren will evaluate your medical history, order x-rays, and develop a personalized treatment plan that may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and whole-body vibration therapy.

Dr. Wren has provided attentive and personalized treatment for neck pain to countless patients throughout the Leesburg area for decades.

Get your posture on the right track today! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wren at Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center by calling 229-883-0042.

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