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Why Should Athletes Opt for Chiropractic Care?

Written By Dr. David Wren Chiropractic on January 25, 2019

Whether you’re a keen tennis player or you’re training for a marathon, any injury as an athlete can be hugely devastating, having a massive impact on your health and well-being. 

But by visiting your local chiropractor, you can enjoy relief from your sports injuries while also boosting your performance. 

Want to know more?

Then read on. 

How Can Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic Care? 

1. Better Healing Times 

A number of things can impair your recovery as an athlete, including misalignments, inflammation, and muscle spasms. This means your body isn’t able to heal itself quickly. 

Visiting your chiropractor enables them to boost the recovery of your muscles and tissues through massage, helping them heal naturally and effectively. 

2. Improved Range of Motion 

When you have tension in your back or neck, chiropractic can help release this and restore your range of motion. This should also eradicate any pain. And by doing this, your performance will also improve – as a study of chiropractic care for football players found.  

3. Correct Realignment of Your Body

Chiropractors can use manual adjustments to help realign your body, thus getting rid of any built-up tension. 

Mobility issues or difficulties with your flexibility may lead to the onset of misalignments – or one side of your body may have more strength than the other. Manual adjustments will restore your natural movements while also reducing future injury risks because there’s no need to compensate for weaker areas. 

4. Increased Strength 

Strength is something you’ll need as an athlete, and chiropractic can assist with this, too. 

As one study highlights, judo athletes had a grip strength improvement of 16% following 3 chiropractic sessions. 

What Sports Injuries Can Your Chiropractor Care For? 

People with a whole host of ailments and conditions walk through a chiropractor’s door, but many athletes will turn to their chiropractic clinic for help with: 

  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow 

  • Headaches

  • Shoulder, back, or neck pain

  • Strains or sprains in their joints 

  • Sciatica 

Keep Injuries at Bay in the Future, Too 

Alongside being able to treat the aforementioned conditions, your chiropractor in Leesburg can also keep your risk of future injuries at bay too. So even if don’t have any sports injury at present, a visit to your chiropractor will help keep you stronger, healthier, and fitter while also aiding your athletic performance. 

Our chiropractor, Dr. David Wren, boasts over 30 years’ experience in sports injury and rehabilitation. He has also been the team chiropractor for the Albany Wild Cats, the Albany Panthers, and has worked with Nike Golf Tour and has provided local Special Olympics Physicals. To book your appointment with him, simply call us today at 229-883-0042

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